M.C.P. srl was founded in 1984 and in the same year, thanks to an innovative patented system of internally cleaning the tubes of heat exchangers simultaneously using a hydrodynamic and mechanical probe, started to carry out its activity over the whole national territory, eventually consolidating its position as leader in the sector.

In the sector of sand-blasting steam turbines, the company is the promoter of a new “modus operandi”: execution of the activity inside the machine room that immediately allows not only a notable reduction in time and costs, but also retarding the general revision of the turbine. Thanks to solution like these or the chemical/physical washing of the fume side of steam generators, activities all homologated by ENEL, the company conquered a relevant slice of the market and inserted itself amongst the main tender companies of the ENEL group.

Over the years, the company know-how reached levels of notable technical qualification in the various operational sectors, thanks also to the continued professional growth of the employees. In the third millennium M.C.P. is now capable of offering the necessary assurances to satisfy the requirements of an always demanding clientele. Through the constant research for operational perfection in the industrial cleaning sector and the progressive consolidation of the thermal insulation sector it has acquired over the years a growing professional prestige sealed by works carried out at the ENEL power station of Civitavecchia and in the construction of the power station in Montalto di Castro. This activity combined to an efficient production structure having recently realized a workshop with numerically-controlled machines on the company’s premises capable of obtaining a high production output of prefabricated thin sheet steel.

In the industrial painting sector a high level of specialization has been reached initially with the maintenance of industrial installations and successively by anti-abrasion and anti-acid coating activities.

A fixed sand-blasting and painting installation has been recently realized for metalwork of notable dimensions capable of responding immediately to the production requirements of the clientele.

During this lasted period MCP has heavily invested in the activities of maintenance, restructuring and building restoration, not only creating satisfaction for a niche clientele and architectonic praiseworthiness but also the requirements of private customers searching for a durable quality service.

The company is characterized for having carried out extremely specialized activities in various sectors. This has permitted the taking on of complex tenders with direct execution of works, limiting the necessity of using sub-contractors.