In recent years it has been possible to develop waterproofing activities, with an expansion both in the industrial and civil sector, with customers belonging both to the Public Administration and to the category of National Private Builders.

This development has also been possible thanks to the established collaborations with major and qualified manufacturers of prefabricated membranes in bitumen or PVC for synthetic membranes.

This is a lightweight, multi-layered system, based on polyurethane resins. It lets get an elastic waterproofing, of immediate effect, with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, fast to lay due to the excellent properties of the waterproofing sheath with high performance, of continuous type, specific for pedestrian covering, based on an instantaneous hardening polyurethane membrane applied to spray.

WP PULIUR ROOF is articulated, for an average thickness of 2.0-2.5 mm, in:

  • Primer: a specific primer is associated with each type of media;
  • Polyurethane waterproofing membrane in instantaneous polymerization, applied by spraying with a bi-mixer;
  • Elastic one-component polyurethanic finishing, to confer at the system resistance to UV irradiation, stagnant water resistance and the desired color scheme where the waterproofing membrane is left exposed.

Peculiar features are:

  • Extreme reactivity (polymerizes in a few seconds); adheres monolithically to the support; high impact resistance; resists UV irradiation;
  • Very high elastic properties and crack bridging ability: these properties allow to the coating to remain intact through the slits of the support.

The system is ideal for waterproofing roofs such as flat roofs, sloping roofs, overhead roofs, pedestrian terraces, garden terraces, pedestrian horizontal surfaces.

Building works

M.C.P. Construction division operates in the central Italy area. His interventions, based on advanced application techniques, are aimed at conservative restorations, renovations, consolidations, electrical and hydraulic works, civil and industrial constructions. The specific experiences experienced by the individual components and the scrupulous methods of control at work, have allowed the same to act promptly and with equal efficiency both in small and in large interventions.