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Industrial cleaning

The industrial cleaning activity consists in the cleaning of the components of industrial plants through the use of specific machinery and equipment.Are carried out reclamation of tanks for the storage of fuel oil and plant areas, cleaning of intake works, chemical - physical washing of steam generators and chimneys with methodologies and products approved by Enel, heat exchanger washers.


A specialization in industrial cleaning is the use of high pressure water, with the use of specific machinery and equipment. The perfect knowledge of the M.C.P. technicians regarding the problems of industrial production facilities, has allowed to the company to obtain a patent for interventions on tube bundles of heat exchangers.

We also offer advanced solutions with the use of self-designed automatic equipment for specific operations on various process plant components such as condensers, refrigerants, heat exchangers, distillation columns, evaporators, ducts, piping.



M.C.P. s.r.l. has many years of experience in industrial cleaning jobs with high pressure hydrodynamical systems in major industrial sites of various kinds. In the face of the experience gained, often with the implementation of tubular bundles cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers, it was decided to compete on the national market with the alternative method for the use of various types of brushes and scrapers propelled by water in pressure. For the execution of the service are used electric pumps with a flow rate equal to 138 Lt/min, operating pressures up to 40 bar and a power of 11KW. In addition are used guns fitted with a gauge fitted with a cone having the dual function of propulsion water dispensing for brushes and/or scrapers and condenser tube guide.

In the case of tubes enclosed by foreign bodies or brushes for previous operations, manual removal of the body/brush/scraper will be carried out using a flexible fiberglass drill.

As for the choice of brushes or scrapers, we are able to supply pigs of any type and size, depending on the customer's individual requirements. In fact, depending on the deposits inside the tube bundles of heat exchangers and/or condensers or applied coatings, scrapers of various sizes will be supplied composed from metal or plastic blades to one or more sectors which, thanks to the presence of rubber shock absorbers and water pressure, will guarantee a perfect 360° scraping of the deposits lying on the inner surfaces of the tubes, even for 15 passes, unlike other types found on the market. Instead, for the range of brushes, is possible use unidirectional and bidirectional pigs with both nylon and steel bristles. The material required for carrying out the above-mentioned activities is purchased directly in the United States from a leading company in the field that also manages the fabrication of the material in questione. Our close relationship with our vendor allows us to take advantage of the his professionalism, to meet our improved demands and more importantly to those of our customer.

As our custom, for the activities carried out in confined spaces, an air extractor will be used to ensure forced circulation inside the condenser sections. Furthermore, we are able to perform every activity on a continuous mode, succeeding in executing, at customer discretion, working shifts in H24 mode.